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Thursday, September 27, 2012

High Fives

Blake is now 18 months old, throws a ball, and kicks it.

Real Madrid must be notified asap.

Nick and Blake also watch WWE Raw, and the fun begins.

Nick swings Blake over his shoulder, throws him up, catches him, and they fall onto the floor.

Nick then leaves the lounge, and Blake runs to his toy box, retrieves a large monkey, and waits for Nick to return.

Blake then pummels the monkey to an inch of its stuffed life, complete with sound effects.

Nick walks away again, and Blake peers down the passage.

He then hugs, kisses and pats the monkey: "There, there."

On Nick's return, the monkey is, once again, flying around the room.

One evening, a very sad Blake said : "Jay-Jay hit me at school today."

No nonsense Nick, was having none of this:

"Come here, my boy. I'll show you how to doesch-doesch."

The following day, the result.

Misty: "How was school today?"

Blake: "Good."

Misty: "Did Jay-Jay doesch you?"

Blake : "Yip."

Misty: "Did you cry?"

Blake : "Noooo!"

Misty: "Did you doesch him back?"

Blake: "Yip."

Misty: "Did you make him cry?"

Blake : "Yip. Two times."

And, up go Blake hands for a high-five.

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