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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You Say Then I Say

Two BFF's arrived. They dressed alike and even looked similar.

The questions they asked was like a Grand Canyon echo:

No 1 : "Could you please organise us a tour to the Lion Park?"
No 2 : "Would you be able to organise us a tour to the Lion Park?"

No 2 : "Can I have a bath? I haven't had one in ages?"
No 1 : "Could my friend have a bath? Most hostels don't have these."

After the tour they are upset, as the guide could not explain the difference between a lion, a cheetah and a tiger.

No 1 : "I asked, and then my friend did."
No 2 : "Yes, I also asked."

No 2 : "Can I cook some pasta and do you have butter?"
No 1 : "Can I also cook some pasta and can I also use your butter?"

After they have eaten they ask if I can do their washing? Repeat.

I tell them I charge R80 a load, wash and dry. They scurry off to the room and after much shuffling, drag two garbage bags splitting at the seams down the passage.

"Please could you try and fit this all into one load?" (sneakers and caps included!)

I assure them that I do not want the machine to implode. "Could I could make a plan as they only have cash for one wash and one dry." Repeat.

"Sort out the really stinky stuff to do a load," I say.

As if by magic, they now have a R200 note.

Way into the night I am washing and drying but am constantly interrupted.

No 1 : "Is the machine on?"
No 2 : "Is the dryer on?"

At breakfast.

No 1: "Do you have extra milk?"
No 2: "Do you have more milk for us?"

No 2: "Please call a taxi.
No 1: "Is it possible to call the taxi now?"

When leaving:

No 1: "Thank you for everything. I really enjoyed my stay."
No 2: "Thank you for everything. I really enjoyed my stay."

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Miracle of Laughter

Besides Ma and Da, Blake's first word was Dawid.

Dawid lives with his wife Sanna in the quarters at the Campbells.

Dawid and Sanna have very little materially, but while Sanna smiles and shakes her head Dawid is always laughing his off!

Everything to Dawid, and I mean everything ranges from amusing to downright hysterical.

I once asked him how many children he had, and he nearly collapsed to the ground:

"Twelve, Missus."

Dawid knows everybody in our neighbourhood and will chat and laugh all day and most of the night with them.

As Dawid spent many years serving and protecting in the SAP, Nick has employed him at his company as a security guard.

Should a tsostsi whip out a knife or a gun, he is bound to drop his weapon, once Dawid has laughed him out of any adverse intentions

After Misty fetches Blake from nursery school and he is strapped into the car seat, he stares at the empty space next to him and points.

The next item on Misty's journey is to collect Dawid from the yard. Blake remains very quiet throughout.

Once Dawid steps into the back seat he and Blake start shrieking with laughter!

Dawid speaks Afrikaans, Blake speaks gobbledygook, but it is the power of laughter that unites them over an age difference of 70 years.

If Dawid has an errand, Blake will wait patiently on the front step for his return.

Bless them.