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Saturday, October 12, 2013

For A Laugh

It says on your website, that you have baths and showers. Do you have toilets?

I will be back in a month. Can I take the bedroom key with me?

I left my 'phone in the taxi. Can I use yours to plan my trip around Europe?

Why won't your callbox take 10 cents? I've been trying all morning.

Why are there so many black people in Africa?

Can you change the plug on your electric blanket to my American one?

So, this is the Joh'burg thunderstorm. Can I hang my washing outside to dry?

Is the airport still in the same place this morning as it was last night.

I have ordered a taxi. Could you give me a detailed description of the driver, so I can recognise him when he arrives?

Can I book tonight on condition that there are no other guests.

I am from Ireland. I flew in on KLM. Do you know why this is?

I am off to Morocco next week. Do you know if it will rain there?

Fifa World Cup - If England is not in the Final, can I have my money back?

I opened your yoghurt, and it flew asunder, over my face.

Help me. I book a tour today, for tomorrow, to go yesterday.

I left the shower panel under the bed for safe-keeping.

You really should have a plug point in your garden.

Am I in Australia?

"Please make my juice colder, says Sven.

"I will fetch some ice," I say.

"Aas, not nice," replies Sven. "Oh, ice. Aah, that is better. Good."

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