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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Blake, A Big Boy Now

Blake, is now three and a half, years old.

Last week, my family spent the morning at the Crafter's Market, and when I whooshed Blake into my arms, I said:

"Hello, my big man,"

To be told: "I am not a man. I am still a boy. That is a man." (Nodding at AJ).

So, now I know.

"Blake," I continued, "You know what I found in the garden this morning? A real, live, bunny."

"If you don't want him, Guppy, I'll have him. Oh, no, the dogs!"

Hoisted on AJ's shoulders, we wandered about, our separate ways, and there was an update on our whereabouts:

"Where are you, Guppy? Oh, there you are. Where, are you now, Mommy? And, Aimee?"

Then: "You know, AJ. I keep on finding one, and then losing another one."

At lunch, the waitron said: "You know, this is the best behaved three year old, I have ever seen in this restaurant."

Three and a half...

Later that evening, we returned to Emporers Palace to view the Festival of Lights, and Blake found Santa Claus:

"I know you. You are the real Santa Claus! You were at my house last year."

Blake was rewarded with a sucker:

"Thank you, but I will also need one for my Mommy. I'll keep it for her."

After a delightful day, Misty drove me home, and Blake, near to tears, said:

"I will not cry. Like the last time. I am a big boy now."

At Terrylin, I kissed Blake goodbye, and noticed Misty, looking over her shoulder.

Blake was making a kissing face. And, I saw him.

"You may close the door now, Guppy. Goodbye."

Misty called, the following morning.

Blake: "Why do you guys get to sleep together, when I have to sleep alone?"

Nick: "You have all your toys to sleep with."

Blake: "Ok, tomorrow night, I bring them with me..."

Blake asked Misty to explain the meaning of Christmas. Misty replied that this was to celebrate Jesus' birthday and that's why children receive presents.

Blake: "I love Jesus. He is like a big brother to me."

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