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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blake, the Bokkie

Nick and Misty were awakened by Blake bellowing: "Bokke!", and waving his t-shirt around.

I was to accompany Misty to the Mall and as I opened the shower tap my heart stopped.

After some gurgling the water farted and then nothing.

Must be another bluddy burst water pipe I decide, and call the Council.

But, like Manuel from Fawlty Towers they know nothing.

After a cold shower off we go.

While Misty was filling the trolley, Blake would say: "Oh, thank you, mommy, thank you."

Then Blake spotted a rugby ball inscribed, Rugby World Cup - 2011 - Springboks.

Blake helped himself to the ball, and saw the shelf of dog bowls.

After he selected the bowl that fitted the rugby ball, replacing the others as he went along, he set it in place, slid his feet four paces backwards, put his hands on his hips, looked upwards, and kicked.

Straight as an arrow, thank goodness, as I envisioned cans of dog food flying off the shelves.

By this time, there was an audience clapping away, which alerted security and they joined in.

"He is sooo cute," they all agreed.

Onto the next stop with Blake holding the Rugby Ball and bowl as though his life depended on it, he saw a toy police car, climbed in and off her went

"We really have to go now!" said Misty, and he ran off at a mean speed.

"Blake, Blake, stop, wait, please, Blake!" I called, breathlessly.

But this made him run faster into the arms of a man sporting a rugby jersey.

"Does he belong to you?", he asked me.

Oh, yes. Indeed.