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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just Looking

Before, I could say, please sign in, Noel and Simon, threw down their backpacks and darted, one this way (kitchen) and the other that way (dining area)and flung open the fridge doors!

Usually guests dart to the bathroom. Understandable.

Steven, went one way: "What are your looking for?"

I, the other: "Are you OK? May I get you anything?"

Their replies: "Leftovers? You know, anything other guests have left behind!"

Later Noel enters the lounge and begins moving the furniture about.

Refer, questions above. Noel is looking for a plug-point.

"There is one in the bedroom," says Steven.

"I can't use that one," continues Noel. "Simon is in there eating."

Seated at the breakfast table, which I assumed they had been waiting for since the wee hours, Noel says:

"Oh, hi, we were talking about you last night."

"Really? Nice things, I hope? Is there any room for improvement?" I say and walk away.

In walks Inga, tall, blonde, beautiful, but all ashudder, and here is her story:

"I am so sorry. I was at another hostel last night. We had a big party. Everyone was drunk. I can't remember much. Anyway, when I woke up this morning, the owner I think it was, was in my bed fiddling about."

And, Inga tottered down the passage in her 'f**k me heels.

Noel and Simon with their mouths full ran to reception.

"Can we book another night?"

I was asked: "Do you have any monkeys around here?"

"No, only some of the guests."

I'm kidding. No, really. I am.

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