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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Taxi Tales

Ewan asks me to call for a taxi.

Once I have done this he then asks another guest, Michael, if he would like to share the fare?

"No thanks, I was overbooked at the place around the corner. As I am a frequent guest, they offered me free transport to the airport this morning," replies Michael.

I call the place around the corner to confirm. Maggie, on morning shift and like Manuel, from Fawlty Towers knows nothing.

But she will send the driver over.

Impatient Ewan jumps into the guesthouse van and off they go.

The taxi driver then arrives.

He wants his fare from Michael who refuses to pay.

"Please, sort this out. This is not my fault," says Michael.

I call the guesthouse and the owner came over, paid the driver and Michael left.

Then Kingsley asks me to call for a taxi.

What are the odds? The same driver arrives and Mishaek says: "I am going to have a quick shower."

Later, Kingsley says: "I thought the taxi fare was included. Why can't you take me for free?"

The driver has now had it: "You asked for me to fetch you, didn't you. Get into the car and pay me."

The last couple to leave ask: "Where is the nearest petrol station? We need to fill up."

So tankful, am I.

But, with a major headache I swallowed two Dulcolax instead of Panado.

Now I still have the headache, and the runs.

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