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Friday, April 23, 2010

Pissed Poppy

With unhappy and frustrated guests unable to secure flights home because of the Icelandic chaos, there were those in tears hurtling off the airport to queue and queue with one, saying:

"There has been a death in the family. We need a plane now."

Before Terrylin opened Maria told me: "I have been touting at the airport for over 10 years offering accommodation to stranded guests and earning commission."

The problem is that Maria has a daughter from hell, Poppy.

Poppy loves gambling, drinking, smoking and causing trouble all at the same time.

Maria calls Steven to fetch a guest.

Poppy: "Do you know how to order a pizza for this gentleman?"

At the same time, another guest asks for a bigger bed.

Poppy: "My mom can get a bigger commission at a place with a bigger bed."

The baffled guest asks to go back to the airport.

Steven returns again with an exhausted couple who ask him to buy them two bottles of wine. They drink one and offer the other to me.

Poppy: "No, don't worry. I'll take that. I haven't had a drop in ages."

I hand over the bottle on condition that she leaves, and off she staggers.

The following day Maria, flush with commission decides to treat herself and Poppy:

"Steve, please take us to the Mall and fetch us later, around 2. We'll be waiting."

They are nowhere to be found. Steven drives to the airport, to be told by a driver that Maria and Poppy are at the Casino gambling.

At midnight, Steven receives a call from Maria who has 10 guests willing to sleep anywhere, even on the couches or in the bath.

Steven returns with no guests only a skint Maria and Pissed Poppy cadging a lift home.

So, we learn as we go along.

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