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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Off With My Head

Blake, celebrated his third birthday with a party at Terrylin. Thoroughly enjoyed by all, thanks for asking.

As he is Cancerian, Blake is very house-proud, and if he spills his juice he will find a cloth, and wiping eagerly, will inform all:

"Look, I messed!"

On our last weekly get-together, Aimee brought her puppy to show Blake, whom he wanted to exchange with any teddy bear, and not wanting to miss anything, became belligerent at bath time.

While being led away by Misty, he implored:

"Guppy, Aimee, Puppy, anybody! Save me, Save me!!"

Once Blake was in bed, we were absorbed watching 'Desperate Housewives'. One of them began throwing a bowl of fruit about and we heard a voice from the passage:

"Look, look, she messed!"

The other afternoon, Misty and Blake, popped in to fetch magazines and marshmellow bunnies, and on leaving:

"Bye, bye, love you, love you," we shout together, with me sticking my head through the car window kissing Blake and 'last touching.'

While this was happening Blake decided to wind-up the window with my head still sticking through!

I grinning like a goon am unaware of this, until a sixth sense kicks in, and I am certain my head is about to be sliced off and fall into his lap!

"Save me, save me," I shout to a puzzled Blake, who appears to be wondering why no-one saves him at bath time. He eventually removes his finger from the lever.

Misty, of course, found the whole incident hilarious.

I suppose it was funny. In a way.

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