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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Oh, No, Not Again!

Over the Easter weekend, the Campbells visited their Italian families, to savour a variety of pasta dishes.

Pasta with seafood, pasta with chicken, pasta with vegetables, pasta with salads; actually, any pasta you please.

The last port of call, was Nonna, who deposited a huge bowl of pasta, on the table.

Blake, throwing up his arms in despair, and covering his eyes, with his hands, said:

"Oh, no, Nonna, not pasta again!"

Nonna and Guppy were sitting side-by-side, when Blake threw his arms around us saying, very solemnly:

"I love you both two times."

Every pre-school morning there is a chorus of: "Bye-bye sweetheart." "I'll see you later." "Love you lots", and the little uns hug and kiss their parents, before hopping and skipping, to their classrooms.

Blake: "Bye, bye, Mommy, see you later..."

Misty: "I want to walk, with you, to your classroom."

Blake: "Oh, No, Mommy! Not Again!!"

That same afternoon, Misty arrived, and the new teacher, wearily, exclaimed:

"Thank goodness! Saved by the bell!!"

There stood Blake with his buddy in the corner, pointing at each other, and rubbing their bottoms.

Misty: "What happened, Blake?"

Blake: "I won't talk about it."

At home, Blake: "Mommy, if I am naughty, you must smack me on my bottom, OK."

Misty: "No, I won't smack you. You must smack your own bottom."

Blake, ponders this, bends over, lifts his arm, and....

Smack. Smack. Smack.

Blake: "Oh, No, Not Again..."

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