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Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Day with Blake

Blake was in hospital for two days.

He scampered about with Chloe, who had a brain tumour removed, both as happy as larks.

Blake, in fits of giggles, kept tugging at the nurses skirts, asking for a bika.

Once better, beaming Blake, visited Guppy, as Misty went to work.

Blake on his bika zoomed down the passages, around the back garden, the front garden and the driveway.

He insisted on feeding himself, and upended, the porridge onto the carpet.

I retrieved a book, and began to read with superhuman enunciation. Blake looked at me as though I was daft, and bursts out laughing.

He opens the biscuit tin, and puts his head inside. I forgot to replenish the Iced-Zoo. Blake then points, throws up his arms and says: "Gone!"

Misty calls. Blake presses every button, and cranes the mobile in his neck - "Mummy Gone."

I also forgot to put the container of tooth-picks away. Blake and I spend the next 30 minutes, picking up 100 toothpicks.

Blake has now found the permanent marker, and is poised at the lounge wall. I find some paper and crayons. Silence.

I decide to wash the breakfast dishes. Blake enters the kitchen, and says: "Gone." I crawl under the bed, to retrieve 30 crayons. All the while, Blake is smacking me on the bottom and laughing...

10am - 3 hours to go. Misty calls. She will be an hour late.

1pm - I change Blake into clean threads. Mommy is on her way. We are off to Wimpy.

Blake has found a packet of nik-naks and now he is orange, from head to toe.

At the Wimpy, Blake pours a bubblegum milkshake over his head and giggles.

Misty and I, collapse with laughter - not the right thing, we know...

Blake now looks as though he could audition for Avatar 2...

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